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Towing and bowsing work

Towing and bowsing operations on the Kiel Canal between Kiel and Brunsbüttel are among the most important transport services in the region. The company Offshoreservice Klement is an experienced partner in this field and offers a wide range of services related to towing ships and boats.

➔ Towing and bowsing work

Our tugs are specially designed for the requirements of the Kiel Canal and its locks and bridges.

The company has a fleet of tugs and workboats that can be used for a variety of tasks. They are powerful and flexible to work safely and effectively even in difficult conditions.

The towing and towing operations are carried out by experienced and highly qualified captains and crew members. They have extensive knowledge of local conditions and are able to react quickly and effectively even in unforeseen circumstances.

Offshoreservice Klement offers a wide range of services, including towing of cargo vessels, container ships, cruise ships, ferries and workboats. The company is also able to undertake specialised tasks such as towing heavy-lift cargo, picking up accident victims or carrying out rescue operations.

The towing and bowsing operations are indispensable for the safe and efficient operation of the Kiel Canal. Without these services, the canal would be inaccessible or impassable for many ships and boats. Offshoreservice Klement thus makes a decisive contribution to the economic development of the region.

The company prides itself on offering its services at the highest level, maintaining the highest standards of safety, environmental protection and quality. Offshoreservice Klement is a trusted and reliable partner for shipping companies and shipowners looking for professional towing and bowsing services.

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